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Editing Your Website through the Control Panel

Thank you for hosting with Grant Advertising Design. Among the many features you can access through your Control Panel is the ability to make changes to your website.

To login to your Control Panel, use the URL http://www.YOURDOMAIN/cpanel, substituting YOUR DOMAIN with your actual domain (you must include .com or .net, etc in your domain name). Enter your user name and password and login.

The control panel is where you find tools to manage your email, logs (AWstats is great to analyze traffic to your site), as well as your website files. To edit your website, select "File Manager" under the Files category. Select your Web Root directory.

A list of files appears. These are the files that comprise your website. The .html files (sometimes .php) are the pages in your site. The home page is named index.html. If you are unsure of the page name you want to edit, use your browser to navigate to that page. In your URL bar, you will see:

http://www.YOUR DOMAIN/filename.html,

where filename.html is the name of the file.

Select the file you want to modify and select HTML editor.

File Manager HTML Editor

Confirm "Edit".

(Note: On your first visit to HTML editor, click Disable Encoding Check if your website is in English. If not in English, Select "utf-8".)

Your page will load and look as it does in your browser alsong with a tool bar positioned above.


If you place your cursor over text, it becomes a text editing tool. You can click where you want to make edits and begin typing.


Note: under Styles there are predefined styles for Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc. as well as Normal which is your default paragraph style. If you want to change text from paragraph to headings you should use these predefined styles in order to maintain a consistent look in your site. Important, only use Heading 1 once per page. Using it more often can be harmful to your SEO.

There are similar tools that you would find in any word processing or page layout software including cut, copy, paste, find and replace, check spelling, etc. The Bold (B) and Italic (I) are good tools to use to emphasize your keywords. The underline tool should be avoided as it usually means the words are a link. This may confuse some viewers. You can also create links, add tables, horizontal lines, etc. Also use the color tool sparingly to avoid making the website look too jumbled. The predefined styles contain the colors already set in your site.


Image Tools

The ability to add images, and other media is also available but takes a bit more work. It is important to first make sure any images you want to include are sized appropriately and saved for the web in jpg, png, or gif format. Photoshop and Photoshop Elements can handle this task. If you are unsure of size, check out the sizes of other image files already on your site for comparison. If you double click on an image while in HTML editor, you can find out the width and height in pixels under Properties.

Images Folder

To add an image, it must first be uploaded to your images folder. You can also do this in "File Manager". Double click on the Images folder in your web root directory. Click Upload and browse to the file on your computer. Select the file and it uploads to the Images folder.

In HTML Editor, place your cursor where you want the image to appear and select Insert/Edit Image. Double click on your Images folder and a list of your uploaded images will appear. Select the image to insert. In the right of the window, select the Options tab. Be sure to add text under Screen Tip to describe your image and try to include keywords wherever appropriate. You can select placement options such as float left or float right, then click Insert. If you are not happy with the placement, just double click on the image and make adjustments. Click Apply to see how your edits affect the image.


Save Cancel

When you are finished making edits simply click the save icon. Your edits are now posted to your live website. If you want to cancel the edits before you upload, click the Cancel icon.