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You have your website live, now what?

Your website is up and you do a google search for the product you sell and guess what. You are no where to be found. This is because the search engines that patrol the web do not know who you are. It takes perseverance, patience and time, but if you keep at it, eventually you will fight your way up in search engine raking.

In a perfect world, our websites would be one of the first listed on any related google search. Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely. The web has been around for a while now and nearly every business has a website posted. So what can you do?

Here’s what we do.

Grant Advertising Design provides the initial steps to make sure your website will be found by website search engines like Google and Yahoo. We include a “robots.txt” file, this is a text file that tells search engine robots what to index and what not to index. If search engines know what to do with your pages, then they can give them good ranking. We also provide a road map of your web site that search engines will follow called the “sitemap”. This very simple page contains links to every page on a web site and serves one very important purpose. That is to get your sub pages crawled, and into a search engine’s index.

We also employ meta tags including keywords and descriptions. You can view these when you are looking at a web page by choosing under the “View” menu, “View Source” or “Page Source” depending on the browser you are using. Always keep up with the keywords and descriptions of your competition, especially if they are achieving higher search page rankings. Just let us know and we can easily update the terms or tell you how to do so.

And finally, we submit your site to the popular search engines so they can start indexing your pages as soon as possible.

Here’s what you can do:

Register with Google Local Business

Go to and select the business solutions link at the bottom center of the page. Then choose Local Business Center. If you don’t already have a Google Account, create one. Choose Add New Listing. Enter all relevant data you want posted. If you select confirm by phone, you will receive an automated call. They will give you a code that you then enter to verify your information. That’s it. When someone in your geographic area searches for your business type, you should appear fairly high.

Links to and from your site

The more sites that link to your site, the better your ranking. But they must be quality and relevant links. The search engines have gotten smart about people creating sites with pages of links with the sole purpose of increasing rank. Below are good ways to generate links to your site.

  • Submit your site to related categories in niche directories.
    Internet directories have become very important because they represent an easy path for inbound links creation. Links from these categories can have a very positive effect on the search engine rankings of your web site.
  • Submit your site to social networking directories.
    Create accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn and Spoke to name the more popular directories. You can provide information about your business and a link to your site.
  • Writing articles about your site, a great way to get new content.
    This will help you get good positioning on search engines and quality incoming links as well. Always keep your articles as informative as possible. Other web sites will link back to your articles if you do. Write about the topics that your visitors are interested in, and don’t forget to send them to syndicate sites. They will in turn offer them to others. Just make sure that you always have a link back to your web site so that all sites who publish your article will automatically link to you.
  • Become an authority in your field. Visit relevant forums and blogs.
    Only join forum and blogs that are relevant to your industry. Use your expertise as a site owner in your industry to give information and advice. Of course, put your URL into the signature of your posts. Being the authority is simply knowing your industry, and giving people the information they need to trust you and your site.
  • If relevant provide links to other good websites.
    Of course once you have someone at your site, you don’t want to send them away. But if it makes sense, link to good reference sources that will boost your credibility in your market.
  • Generate traffic — Let all you friends and asociates know you have a new site up. If they have a website in a related field, ask them to link to yours. Promote your site through flyers, eblasts, business cards or whatever marketing avenue applies. Every marketing campaign you use should include your website prominently.

Or else you can pay

If you just can’t wait to be listed in the top rankings, you can always pay to make it happen. There are lots of companies offering non-organic web search results. They generally start in the hundreds and can quickly grow to the thousands of dollars a month depending on the search terms and market area you want to target. If your business depends solely on being found on the web, you may want to try this approach. Start with the google business center and expand your search to find a competitive price.

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